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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Building Control Service


Under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 anyone intending to carry out demolition work is required to notify the Council.

This generally applies to the demolition of any building or part of a building greater than 49 cubic metres (1750 cubic feet). Further details are shown in the extract from the Building Act at the end of this section but if you are in any way unsure please contact us.

Notice should be given in writing and should include details of the building to which it relates and the works of demolition intended to be carried out. The Council then has six weeks to respond with appropriate notices and consultation under Sections 81 and 82 of the Act. This process normally only takes a few days

Demolition Notice

Demolition Guidance Notes


Demolitions exempt from notification are:

Internal work where the use of the building is continuing. (Building Regulation consent will normally be required for this work)

Buildings or part of a building not exceeding 175 cubic feet (49 cubic metres)

Agricultural buildings not connected to non-agricultural buildings.

You are reminded that Planning Permission/Listed Building Consent/Conservation Area Consent may also be necessary for any demolition.