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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Ribble Valley Community Safety Partnership

Community Safety Partners

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The partnership is made up of many different agencies, below is some further information about them and how to contact them;

Safer Lancashire

In Lancashire each local Council is required by law to work together in partnership with Lancashire Police Constabulary, Police Authority, Fire & Rescue Service, Primary Care Trusts and Probation Trust.

These partnerships are called Community Safety Partnerships and they are responsible for working together to reduce crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and re-offending.

The Safer Lancashire Partnership supports and coordinates the work of all Community Safety Partnerships across Lancashire by producing:

  • An annual strategic assessment to identify community safety priorities across Lancashire.
  • A '3 year' community safety agreement to coordinate activities to address the community safety priorities across Lancashire.

We meet with partner agencies on a quarterly basis and consult and engage with our communities throughout the year to encourage and empower them to undertake local projects and initiatives.

Lancashire Young Peoples service

Ribble Valley Branch, Joint Divisional Office, Off Pimlico Road, Clitheroe, BB7 2BL

01200 413041


Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service employs over 1,500 staff to provide a wide range of preventative and emergency response services. All of our employees are committed working together, and with other organisations to make Lancashire safer for those who live and work here.

Fire Station, Princess Avenue, Clitheroe


Lancashire Constabulary

The Constabulary has adopted a national pledge to make sure that you receive a consistently high level of service from your neighbourhood policing teams.

The team is

  • Dedicated to 'getting things done' in your area and spending at least 80% of their time visibly doing this;
  • Visible and easy to contact by phone, through local meetings called Police and Communities Together (PACT) and through the internet;
  • Committed to listening to you to find out what your concerns and priorities are;
  • Determined to work with you and with other organisations to tackle the problems that you identify;
  • Responsible for telling you what they have done in answer to your problems.

Clitheroe Police Station, King Street, Clitheroe

01200 458752


Lancashire Probation Service

Punishing Offenders, Protecting the Public and Cutting Crime
Lancashire Probation Trust is part of the National Probation Service, a statutory criminal justice service. As a law enforcement agency we have a clear role to protect the public, to ensure the proper punishment of offenders and to rehabilitate offenders. We work together with the the other criminal justice agencies: Police,  the Prison Service,  the Courts and  the Crown Prosecution Service.
In Lancashire our work is serving local people - building safer communities, cutting crime, ensuring public protection and fewer victims. We work in partnerships with many agencies in the county.
Probation's role is to:
  • Protect the public
  • Cut Crime
  • Enforce punishment of offenders
  • Rehabilitate offenders to law-abiding lives
  • Uphold the interests of victims of crime

99-101 Garstang Road, PRESTON, PR1 1LD

Telephone: 01772 201209

Fax:01772 884399

Email: communications@lancashire.probation.gsi.gov.uk


Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team

The Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (LDAAT) is the partnership responsible for delivering the National Drug Strategy in Lancashire on behalf of the Government.

We are proud of our reputation as one of the most effective and innovative Drug and Alcohol Action Teams in the country.

Ours is a partnership of public, private and voluntary sector agencies with the goal of working together to reduce the harm substance misuse brings to the community.

With a wide ranging membership including the police and probation services, local authorities, prisons and health authorities and voluntary organisations, LDAAT steers the activities of these many different agencies towards this one common goal.

The LDAAT partnership is responsible for:

  • Commissioning services and intervention programmes
  • Monitoring performance against national targets
  • Promoting awareness of available help and advice
  • Keeping stakeholders engaged and fully informed

The Minerva Health Centre

01772 777066 or email Navin.Kumar@centrallancashire.nhs.uk


Victim Support Service

Welcome to Victim Support, the national charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales.

We give free and confidential help to victims of crime, their family, friends and anyone else affected. We give information, emotional support and practical help. You don't have to report a crime to the police to get our help and can get support at any time, whenever the crime happened. We are not a government agency or part of the police.

Contact Julie McFeeley on 0845 372456

or email: julie.mcfeeley@victimsupport.org.uk


Government Office North West

Government Office for the North West is responsible for the delivery of the Crime Strategy, National Drug Strategy and the communities' agenda in the region. We work together with Crime and Disorder Reduction / Community Safety Partnerships and Drug Action Teams and provide a link between them, other delivery agencies and central government.

Government Offices make a regional contribution to the Government's aim to build a safe, just and tolerant society, protect the public and ensure the balance between the rights and responsibilities of individuals, families and communities is properly maintained. Government Offices also deliver the four key themes of the National Drug Strategy.

Local Crime and Disorder Reduction / Community Safety Partnerships, Drug Action Teams and other local partners are at the forefront of this work and we work with them in reducing crime and the fear of crime, anti-social behaviour, reducing the harm caused by drugs and alcohol and helping people feel safer in our communities.

We do this by:

  • providing guidance and support to enable performance improvement
  • making available a wide range of information in the form of newsletters, websites and briefing documents;
  • arranging training opportunities, and putting on best practice conferences, workshops and seminars;
  • working in partnership with the Police, Health, Justice, Probation, Fire Services, and other agencies to improve community safety and perceptions of crime;
  • providing financial support through direct allocations of Home Office funding and other sources;

Lancashire Youth Offending Team (YOT)

Research tells us that offending by children and young people is common and that amongst the crimes committed by them, much is either not reported to the police or goes undetected by them. Known offending by young people is actually falling and of those which are detected, most do not go on to re-offend. Furthermore, the type of offences committed by them are largely not violent or sexual but involve property, such as burglary, theft and criminal damage.

Nevertheless, most crime has a victim and a small but significant number of children and young people do go on to re-offend to become persisitant or prolific offenders.

This is why we need to use effective preventive measures to reduce the risk of offending in the first place and to target those children and people whose behaviour causes most public concern.

The Lancashire Youth Offending Team is committed to helping in this task through multi-agency work and the application of evidence on what works in reducing crime. It aims to meet the needs of communities, families, victims and children and young people, whose behaviour can have a damaging effect on those around them and themselves as well.

Val Watson 01254 389456

email: val.watson@yot.lancashire.gov.uk

Sexual Health Outreach Team (SHOUT)


01254 879855