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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Biodiversity in the Ribble Valley

What is Biodiversity?

image Biodiversity encompasses the whole variety of life on earth from the simplest life forms to the largest mammals, it also includes the plants and animals.

The intricate network of ecosystems, habitats and species comprising biodiversity provides the support systems that sustain our very existence, it provides many essentials of our life including oxygen, water, food, clothing and health.

Why is bio-diversity important?


The value of biodiversity extends from the spiritual benefits to be gained from contact with nature to the economic potential of wild species for new sources of food and medicines.  

In a local context biodiversity has a particular importance in giving a distinctive character to an area and makes an important contribution to the quality of life. 

At world level biodiversity is under threat at an ever increasing rate mainly as a result of human activities, therefore, if we do not take action not only will we suffer both economically and environmentally, we will also hand on to our ancestors a planet which is markedly poorer than the one we inherited ourselves.

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