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Ribble Valley Borough Council

High Hedges

Completing the Complaint Form - Attempts to resolve the complaint


These guidance notes are to help you fill in the form to make a complaint about a neighbouring high hedge.

Consideration of your complaint will be delayed if you do not complete the form properly or do not provide the information requested. 

If you are still unsure how to answer any of the questions, please contact the Countryside Officer on 01200 414505, or email planning@ribblevalley.gov.uk.

Attempts to resolve the complaint

Please keep the descriptions brief but say how you made the approach (eg. face to face, phone, letter) and what the result was.

Example 1

  • 12 March 2005 - phoned to ask if we could discuss hedge. Met on 19 March but we couldn't agree a solution;
  • 15 April - mediators visited;
  • 29 April - met neighbours and mediators. But still couldn't find an answer we were both happy with;
  • 14 May - wrote to inform neighbour would be complaining to council.

Example 2

  • 12 March 2005 - wrote to ask if we could discuss hedge.  2 weeks later still no reply;
  • 9 April - wrote to ask if would speak to mediator.  2 weeks later still no reply;
  • 7 May - wrote to inform neighbour would be complaining to council.

Example 3

  • 12 March 2005 - saw neighbour in their garden and asked if we could discuss hedge.  Neighbour came round on 19 March.  Saw the effect of the hedge for themselves.  Sympathetic but unwilling to reduce the hedge as much as we wanted;
  • neighbours willing to try mediation but discovered that neighbour mediation not available in our area. We live too far from the nearest service;
  • 23 April - saw neighbour again and told them that, if we couldn't agree a solution, we would make a formal complaint to council. Left it for a couple of weeks then confirmed in writing that we would be going ahead with the complaint.

It is not necessary to send copies of all correspondence with your neighbour about the hedge - especially if the dispute is a long running one.  You need only provide evidence of your latest attempts to settle it.