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Ribble Valley Borough Council

High Hedges

Completing the Complaint Form - Grounds of Complaint


It will help if you provide as much information as you can but keep it factual.  Remember that a copy of this form will be sent to the person who owns the site where the hedge is growing, and to the person living there if they are different people.

Concentrate on the hedge and the disadvantages you actually experience because it is too tall.

We cannot consider problems that are not connected with the height of the hedge. For example, if the roots of the hedge are pushing up a path.

Nor can we consider things that are not directly about the hedge in question.  For example, that other people keep their hedges trimmed to a lower height; or that the worry is making you ill.

Please also provide a photo of the hedge and a plan showing the location of the hedge and surrounding properties.

When drawing your plan make sure that you:

  • Mark and name surrounding roads.
  • Sketch in buildings, including adjoining properties.  Add house numbers or names.
  • Mark clearly the position of the hedge and how far it extends.
  • Mark which way north is.

Please include copies of any professional reports that you may have had prepared. If you are complaining about the hedge blocking light, please mark which way north is on your plan and provide relevant measurements (eg.  size of garden, distance between the hedge and any windows affected).  All measurements must be in metres (m).