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Ribble Valley Borough Council

High Hedges

Completing the Complaint Form


Previous complaints to the council

We only need to know about formal complaints, made under the high hedges part of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003. You don't need to tell us about telephone calls or other informal contact with the council about your hedge problems.

Who's who/the parties involved

We need all these names and addresses because there are some documents that we are required, by law, to send to the owner and occupier of the land on which the hedge grows. These include our decision on the complaint.

  • Even if someone else is submitting the complaint on your behalf, it is important that we have the complainant's contact details.


    (Tick the yes box if you prefer to be contacted by e-mail.  We cannot send documents to you electronically unless you agree.)
  • We need this information because we will have to get in touch with this person to arrange to visit the property so that we can see for ourselves the effect of the hedge.
  • Complete section 5.3 if you are a professional adviser, relative, friend or other representative. (This person will be our main contact on all matters relating to this complaint.  We will direct all queries and correspondence to them.)
  • Section 5.4 is normally the person you have talked to when you tried to agree a solution to your hedge problems.
  • If the site where the hedge is growing does not have a postal address, use the box to describe as clearly as possible where it is, eg. 'Land to rear of 12 to 18 High Street' or 'Park adjoining Main Road'. (We need this information because we will have to contact these people for their comments, and to arrange to visit the site where the hedge is growing.)
  • If you are in any doubt about who owns the property where the hedge is situated, you can check on the Land Registery website.  using form 313. The current fee for this service is £4, if you know the full postal address of the property. 

Supporting documents

  • Please make sure you have ticked all the relevant boxes.
  • If you have ticked the last box, please list these documents by date and title (eg. January 2005 - surveyor's report).  This will help us to check that we have got everything. 
  • If you are submitting this form by email but will be posting supporting documents to us separately, put a reference number or title on them (eg. hedge complaint, 12 High Street) so that we can match them up with your complaint.

Payment for the complaint

You should make out your cheque to 'Ribble Valley Borough Council'.