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Ribble Valley Borough Council

High Hedges Complaints Procedure

High Hedges Complaints Procedure

What you must do

Before submitting a High Hedge Complaint to the Council, you must seek to resolve the problem direct, including:

  • Speaking to the hedge owner
  • Writing to the owner
  • Seeking mediation

You will be issued with a first contact letter and details of mediation services, only after you have spoken to your neighbour and tried mediation with out success will the council consider the next stage. This requires you as the complainant to let the hedge owner know that you intend making a High Hedges Complaint to the council. You will then be issued with a complaint form and guidance notes this must be completed in full and returned to the council with a fee of £555.

What we will do


1. High Hedges Complaint form received by Planning Department

2. Checks made that High Hedges Complaint is valid i.e.


  • Correct fee received and all information needed is correct
  • Hedge owner has been sent/given copy of complaint
  • Steps already taken to resolve concerns clearly shown
  • Complaint is not frivolous or vexatious


3. Complaint logged and acknowledged in writing

4. Letter to owner of hedge asking for comments

5. Site visit arranged to:


  • Verify if it is evergreen/semi evergreen
  • Assess impact
  • Measure and plot hedge

6. Consider and discuss findings and proposed action

7. If no action agreed: sign off case and inform complainant/hedge owner in writing of decision

8. If action considered necessary:


  • Agree what action to be taken
  • Write to owner informing them of intention to serve Remedial Notice & inviting them to voluntarily take steps to avoid formal action, allowing 14 days for response

8. If no or inadequate response from owner:

9. Prepare remedial notice


For further information on the High Hedges Legislation contact:

Email:  planning@ribblevalley.gov.uk

Tel:  01200 414505