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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Control of Tree Felling

Exemptions from Felling Licences

You do not need a licence from the Forestry Commission to fell trees if any of the following conditions apply:
  1. The felling is in accordance with an approved plan of operations under one of the Forestry Commission's Grant Schemes.
  2. The trees are in a garden, orchard, churchyard or public open space.
  3. The trees are all below 8 centimetres in diameter measured 1.3 metres from the ground, or, in the case of thinnings, below 10 centimetres in diameter, or, in the case of coppice or underwood, below 15 centimetres in diameter.
  4. The trees are interfering with permitted development or statutory works by public bodies
  5. The trees are dead, dangerous, causing a nuisance or are badly affected by Dutch Elm Disease.
  6. The felling is in compliance with an Act of Parliament.
  7. The trees are within an area designated as a site of special scientific interest.
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