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Food Safety

Microwave Oven Tips

Microwave Oven Tips

Many people now use microwave ovens on a daily basis. They are as safe or as dangerous as conventional ovens

Following the advice below will help you to use your microwave oven to its full potential.

Make sure you know the power (wattage) of your oven and programme the cooking time required, accordingly.

Read the instructions on the food packet for your size oven and give the food at least the recommended cooking time. If you make adjustments to the cooking time they should be in accordance with the oven manufacturer's guidance.

When cooking bulky or liquid food you should stop the cooking part way through and stir or agitate the food to remove any cold spots in the food.

The food will continue to cook for a short time after the oven finishes. Allow food to stand for at least two minutes before you serve it.

Never use metal objects in the oven.

Remember some plastics may not be suitable for use in a microwave. If in doubt don't use.

Clean the oven inside after use, but DON'T use abrasive or metal-based cleaning pads.

The oven door should be tight fitting and the door interlock working. Check the doors seals regularly and if damaged have them repaired straight away to stop any microwave leaks.

Only use the microwave if the internal light is on whilst cooking. Failure of this light could mean the oven is not working correctly.

This is not a statement of the law and is for guidance only, subject to periodic review. Should you require more advice for your own business and any other matters relating to food safety and hygiene you should contact your area environmental health officer.