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It is recommended that as a householder you investigate and familiarise yourself with your drainage system before you have problems, and understand where your drains go. You should at least be familiar with where the inspection chambers (manholes) are within your garden. It is surprising how many times these have been covered or hidden. If possible, determine this with the previous occupier when you buy a property.

It is also advisable to check them periodically to confirm the drains are running properly.

You should be aware that you are responsible for the cleansing ( of blockages ) and maintenance of the drains serving your property up to the point at which they either combine with someone else's or join the 'adopted' Public Sewer (which normally is under the highway adjacent to your property).

Classification of Drainage - who is responsible for repairs and blockages
Private Drain - Householder /occupier

Private Sewer - Joint/equal responsibility with other persons above the problem (Combined drain/sewer serving more than 1 property which is not a public sewer) Public Sewer - United Utilities (Combined drain/sewer formally adopted by local authority or built before 1937) If you are unsure about the drainage serving your property and you have a suspected problem, further advice can be obtained from Environmental Health (Housing) on 01200 414470.

Our Engineers also hold maps of the adopted Public Sewerage System in Ribble Valley.

Drainage Fees and Charges

Drainage Fees and Charges 1 April 2014

Private Drains Call Out ( inc VAT ) £60.00

Plus following time on site per half hour or part hour ( inc VAT )

  • Normal Working Hours £37.00
  • Outside Normal Working Hours £56.00
  • Bank Holidays £74.00


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