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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Empty properties

Help for Owners

There are currently over 600 empty properties in the Private Sector in Ribble Valley.

The Council is concerned about empty properties as they can:

· Attract crime and anti social behaviour such as vandalism, arson attacks & provide convenient places for drug users,

· Be used as a place to dump rubbish, which may attract vermin,

· Generally become an eyesore,

· Cause adjacent property values to fall and remain low,

· Discourage further investment in the area, leading to economic decline,

· Cause an increase in costs for the council, in dealing with issues such as vandalism & rubbish dumping,

· Result in more 'greenfield' development as housing pressure increases.

The Council has an Empty Property Team (EPT) whose aim is to reduce the level of nuisance caused by empty properties and to improve an area by encouraging the owners to bring empty properties back into use.

By bringing these empty properties back into use we can:

 · Increase the supply of much need housing,

· Reduce homelessness,

· Help to create sustainable communities,

· Respond positively to public concerns,

 · Reduce the need for 'greenfield' development.

 Remember an empty property is a wasted asset!

Contact us :

If you would like more information on any of these issues please contact a member of the team on 01200 414572

Email: rachael.stott@ribblevalley.gov.uk.

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