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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Chipping Housing Needs Survey Report 2006

Chipping Housing Need Survey Results



To investigate the local affordable housing need for the parish of Chipping in Ribble Valley.


The Rural Housing Enabler for Ribble Valley and Pendle, in agreement with Chipping Parish Council, and Ribble Valley Borough Council prepared a two part survey for distribution. The questionnaire was based on the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) newly revised Housing Needs Survey Form, dated November 2005, and produced in partnership with the Housing Corporation and the National Network of Rural Housing Enablers. The questionnaire is divided into two parts. The first part seeks information on existing households; while the second part is for those persons/households in housing need.

The survey forms were posted on 7th November 2005 to 444 households within the Parish of Chipping in accordance with Ribble Valley's Council Tax records. Householders were allowed five weeks for completion of the survey forms, to be returned by prepaid post to the Rural Housing Enabler by 16 December 2005. Additional Part Two survey forms were made available for anyone likely to have a local affordable housing need in the next five years.

A total of 444 survey forms were issued and a total of 189 replies were received, a response rate of 43% to the survey, a high response rate compare to previous Housing Needs Surveys undertaken by Ribble Valley's Housing and Planning Departments. Of the 189 Part One Surveys returned, 55 arrived with Part Two. There was 1 Part Two form received without a Part One form. Of these 56 Part Two forms received 7 were incomplete and so have not been considered within this survey, therefore a total of 49 Part Two forms were received from households indicating a need for affordable housing, equal to 11% of the total survey forms issued.


The key points regarding the housing market and its context in Chipping parish are as follows:-

* Council Tax records reveal that Chipping has proportionately less stock in the lower two bands of A and B (11%) compared to Ribble Valley (33%) and Lancashire's (58%) profiles. This profile indicates a lack of affordable housing stock in the parish.

* Land Registry records, the average sale price of properties within Chipping as £243,130 for 2005. The lowest average sale price in Chipping's postcode area in 2005 was £168,071 for a terraced property. From research into the current advertised open market values, at the time of research, the lowest advertised sale price for Chipping parish was £360,000 for a two bedroom bungalow. This is an indicator of a lack of affordable housing within the parish.

* On average Chipping's house prices are 25% higher than Ribble Valley and 88% higher than the whole of Lancashire.

* The largest number of respondents in housing need are families (55%)

* Of those that responded and identified a housing need 10 (20%) are single people, 10 (20%) are couples and 27 (55%) are families.

* Most people in housing need would prefer to buy their own home (72%).

* 24% would consider a property under the New Build Homebuy Scheme (a Government scheme, which enables people to buy a share in the newly built private property), or a Shared Ownership Scheme, while 5% would prefer to rent.

* 2 (4%) households identified a need for sheltered housing.

* 8% of housing within Chipping is classified as affordable housing either owned by the Council/Local Registered Social Landlord or available through discounted buy.

* Although there is intense competition for affordable properties, the number of respondents in housing need who have registered with the Local Authority and housing providers is low.

* 71% of respondents in housing need state that their net earnings are below £385 per week.

* The average cost of a terraced house in Chipping is approximately £168,071 (Source - Land Registry Records). All of the respondents would be unlikely to be able to support a mortgage for this amount.

* The survey shows that of those households that responded, 93% are in favour of more housing being developed if it were affordable and for local people.

* The following table reflects the different household types which make up those in housing need.

Housing need by Household Type

Household Type Number in need Percentage

Single people (inc over 55's) 10 20

Couples 10 20

Families 27 55

Elderly housholds 2 4

Total 49 100

For further information, or to request a full copy of the report please contact Rebecca Lawlor, Rural Housing Enabler on 01200 414587.