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Solar Panel Savings

Install solar panels now before government subsidies are cut even further

There has been yet another change to the Government's Feed-in-Tariff solar energy scheme.

Properties that meet a certain criteria will get 21p for every kWp of electricity produced and receive taxfree payments for 25 years.

The current generous level of Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) is only fixed for installations completed by July 2012.

After this, the FiT rate will be significantly reduced.

Earn and save money without lifting a finger with a Solar PV System

It's easy to generate income and save a huge amount of money by installing a Solar PV System - in three ways:

  • Generated Tariff - Earn around £714 a year for the electricity you generate (4 kWp system).
  • Avoided Tariff - Save around £390 a year - the value of the electricity you generate and are able to use (4kWp system).
  • Exported Tariff - Make another £51 per annum for unused generated electricity, which is exported back to the national grid (4 kWp system).

So, in total, you can make around £1,155 in the first year with a 4 kWp Solar PV system.

With solar installation lower than ever, you can get a 4 kWp Solar PV System from just £8,995.

The return on investment in year one is a whopping 12.8%.

As electricity prices increase, the savings become even greater and so will the income from the Feed-in-Tariff.

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