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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Housing Advice

Housing options in Ribble Valley

To explore housing options in the Ribble Valley download our Housing Options in the Ribble Valley leaflet

Ribble Valley Homes own and maintain what used to be the council housing stock. Ribble Valley Homes also manage the council's waiting list, to register for housing contact Ribble Valley Homes on 0800 111 4448 or www.ribblevalleyhomes.org.uk

The waiting times for rehousing by Ribble Valley Homes and other Ribble Valley housing associations are usually lengthy. Most schemes in the Ribble Valley have high demand and limited turnover.

Ribble Valley Homes have created an analysis of allocations in the last 12 months which includes the following information:

  • the length of time an applicant had been on the list and their points
  • the type of accommodation offered
  • the number of offers made and the start date for the tenancy. 

Studying this information should give you a reasonable idea of the length of time and points needed for the type of accommodation you are seeking, it will also allow you to see where the turnover is higher and waiting times shorter. 

For housing advice contact the Housing Needs Officer on 01200 414587 or 01200 414567 or email housing@ribblevalley.gov.uk

Outside of office hours (8.45am - 5.00pm) please use the emergency telephone number 01200 444448.

For advice for households facing homelessness see Homeless in the Ribble Valley. 

Calico Floating Support - Floating Support offers advice to people who needs assistance to gain skills to live independently.

Mortgage Rescue - This scheme can help if you've tried everything but you still can't pay your mortgage and your lender is taking action to repossess your home.

Tenancy Protection Scheme - This scheme is aimed at adults who cannot afford the bond required to privately rent accommodation.

Ribble Valley Homes - Ribble Valley Homes own and manage what used to be the council housing stock.  To request an application form please call 0800 111 4448.

Shelter - Shelter is a charity that works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing.

Citizens Advice - Citizens advice can provide information and advice on homelessness.

The Council is committed to improving the service provided for the homeless, and the Homelessness Review and Strategy 2007 demonstrates this. This document which sets out our action plan for improvements for the next 5 years was developed in consultation with key providers and users of the service. Improvements to the service will be measured against our chosen positive outcomes.
  • Measurable positive outcomes of the Homelessness strategy :
  • Increase the use of the Council's housing needs advice service
  • Improve the homeless service standards
  • Reduce the length of time homeless applicants spend in temporary acommodation
  • Increase the volume of appropriate affordable housing available to homeless households

The strategy has been reviewed in January 2008 and annually since by the homeless steering group. Should you wish to be a member of the steering group please contact housing@ribblevalley.gov.uk or 01200 414567.