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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Street Trading

Part 1 - Layout and Fittings


1.1 Construction of the Vehicle

1.1.1 Floors should be fitted with impervious material, ideally joint free. The edges should be sealed to assist cleaning.

1.1.2 Walls, ceiling and other parts of the vehicle must be smooth and impervious.   Joints must be sealed and kept to a minimum.

1.1.3 Dirt traps must be eliminated.

1.1.4 The general fabric must enable thorough cleaning.

1.1.5 If it is not practicable to separate the cab from the food area it must be kept cleanand constructed so as to facilitate cleaning.

1.1.6 Work surfaces and shelving should be impervious, non-toxic and readily cleansable.  However, where they abut onto a wall they must be sealed at the rear to prevent dirt becoming lodged.

1.1.7 The structure of any unit must now allow pest infestation. Adequate procedures must be in place to ensure pests are controlled.

1.2 Equipment

1.2.1 All articles, fittings and equipment must be capable of being cleaned and, where necessary, disinfected.

1.2.2 They must be kept in a good state of repair.

1.2.3 Articles which came into contact with food must not contaminate it.

1.2.4 Equipment must be installed in such a manner which enables free access for cleaning the surrounding area.

1.3 Washing Facilities

1.3.1 Facilities must be provided for washing equipment and for personal use.

1.3.2 Plastic bowls and vacuum flasks containing hot water may be acceptable for low risk foods, or raw foods for direct sale from the vehicle without further preparation. (e.g. sale of fruit and vegetables or wet fish).

1.3.3 Where open food for immediate consumption, or further preparation on the vehicle is handled, these facilities should be separate and comprise: A sink A wash hand basin for hand washing only.  This must be provided with an adequate supply of soap and hand drying facilities. Adequate supplies of hot and cold potable water should be provided to both sets of washing facilities. Waste water from washing facilities must be piped directly to sealed impervious containers.  The waste water must be disposed of to a foul drainage system and the containers thoroughly cleaned prior to reuse.

1.4 Water Supply

1.4.1 Adequate quantities of water must be carried on the vehicle.  Any water used in the production of food must be potable.

1.4.2 Water storage containers should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use.

1.5 Refuse Storage

1.5.1 Impervious, lidded containers should be provided for use inside the food unit.

1.5.2 These containers must be of an appropriate construction, kept in sound condition and easy to disinfect.

1.5.3 Unnecessary accumulations of waste within the unit must be prevented.

1.5.4 All refuse generated by the business must be removed from the site and disposed of in a satisfactory manner.