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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Street Trading

Part 2 -Food Handling and Management


2.1 Food Contamination

2.1.1. Practices must not, under any circumstances, expose food to any risk of contamination.

2.1.2. Food must be placed and protected so as to reduce the risk of contamination.

2.1.3. Separation of food intended for use from waste food or refuse must be maintained at all times.

2.1.4. Waste food or refuse must be stored in secure labelled containers.

2.1.5. No raw materials or ingredients should be carried on the food vehicle if they are know or suspected to be infested or contaminated, or in such a condition which would render them unfit for human consumption.

2.1.6. Raw materials and ingredients stored on the vehicle must be kept in an appropriate condition which is designed to prevent harmful deterioration and protect them from contamination.

2.2 Temperature Control

2.2.1 Adequate provision must be made to store any food which is likely to support the growth of harmful bacteria either cold at below 8 degrees C or hot above 63 degrees C.

2.2.2 Temperatures of food stored on the vehicle should be checked regularly with an accurate thermometer to ensure that safe temperatures are being maintained.

2.2.3 Where it is necessary to cool food on the vehicle this should be carried out as quickly as possible under properly controlled conditions.