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Disabled Parking - FAQ's

Disabled Parking - FAQ's

Blue Badge - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions - Blue Badge Holders.

Applying for a badge.

Do I meet the eligibilty criteria?

You can get a badge if:

  • you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance.
  • you receive a War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement.
  • you use a motor vehicle supplied for disabled people by a Government Health Department
  • you are registered blind
  • you have a severe disability in both upper limbs, regularly drive a motor vehicle but cannot turn the steering wheel of a motor vehicle by hand even if that wheel is fitted with a turning knob.
  • you have a permanent and substantial disability which means you are unable to walk or have very considerable difficulty in walking.  In this case, you may be asked to answer a number of questions to help the local authority determine whether you are eligible for a badge.  The local authority may also request information from your doctor or ask you to attend an assessment by a qualified medical professional, such as an occupational therapist.

Do I need to own a car?

There is no requirement for you to own a vehicle or be able to drive one.  The badge is personal to you and can be used in any vehicle in which you travel either as a driver or a passenger.

How do I apply for a badge?

In the Ribble Valley area it is Social Services who administer the scheme and an application form can be obtained by contacting them.

Will I need to be assessed by a doctor?

If you do not meet one of the 'automatic without further assessment' criteria, such as being in receipt of the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance, your eligibility will need to be assessed by the issuing authority.  The assessment arrangements are for individual authorities to decide but you will be asked to answer a series of questions to help them determine your eligibility.  The authority may also ask your permission to seek further information from your doctor or ask you to see an independent doctor or other health care professional, such as an occupational therapist, employed by the authority.

I have been refused, can I appeal?

Information for Badge Holders.

There is no right of appeal against the issuing authority's decision to refuse a blue badge, but an unsuccessful applicant may ask that authority to reconsider the case if they feel their mobility problems have become more serious or if they think that all the relevant facts were not taken into consideration at the time of assessment.

My badge or time clock has been lost/stolen, who should I contact?

You should contact the issuing authority.  If your badge has been stolen you should also contact the Police.  They will give you a crime number which should be qouted when contacting the authority who will issue a replacement.

My badge is due to expire?

Contact your local authority who will arrange an application form to be sent to you.

I have changed my address, do I need to notify anybody?

No, unless you are moving within the same council area in which case you should let the issuing office know your new address for administrative purposes.  If you are moving to another council area, contact your new council around 6 weeks before your badge is due to expire and they will send you the appropriate forms.

The badge is no longer needed, who should I return it to?

If for any reason the badge is no longer required, it must be returned to the issuing authority stated on the front of the badge.


I think a badge is being misused, what should I do?

Report the matter to your local council and if possible you should get as many details as possible from the badge on display (name. serial number, expiry date .etc.)  The issuing authority will investigate the matter and take the approprite action if the badge can be shown to be displayed fraudulently.

Disabled Person's Parking Bays.

Can I have a blue badge bay outside of my home?

Lancashire County Council as the highway authority are responsible for the provision of blue badge bays.  They can designate bays on the highway but this may not always be possible due to local traffic and safety conditions.  Requests are considered on a case by case basis.  To contact Lancashire County Council  department please write to:- Traffic & Safety Management, Lancashire County Council, Environment Directorate, PO Box 9, Guild House, Cross Street, Preston, PR1 8RD or telephone 01772 534668.

Who is responsible for the provisions of blue badge bays in town centres?

Again as the highway authority Lancashire County Council are responsible for all types of parking bays within this area and can be contacted on the details above.

I see many non-disabled people parking in off-street bays, such as supermarket car parks, who should I complain to?

The blue badge bays provided by private firms such as supermarkets are not covered by the scheme and rely on the courtesy of other drivers not to abuse these bays.  These bays are not legally enforceable and we suggests you bring this matter to the attention of the appropriate store.  The blue badge bays on pay & display car parks within the Ribble Valley are enforceable and should a vehicle be parked in such a bay without correctly displaying a valid blue badge it could be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.  If you believe a car is parked incorrectly in a blue badge bay you can contact the Council on 01200 414522 or parking@ribblevalley.gov.uk

Related Issues.

I have received a Penalty Charge Notice whilst displaying my badge, can you help?

The reason you have received the Penalty Charge Notice will be printed on the notice.  If you feel the notice has been incorrectly issued you have the right to challenge the notice by contacting Chipside  whose details are on the rear of the ticket.  If the Penalty charge Notice was issued before 6th September 2009 and has a reference number RV57****** your challenge needs to be directed to Parkwise

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the challenge, the ongoing process allows you to submit an appeal.  This will go to an independent tribunal heard by the National Parking Ajudication Service, where impartial adjudicators consider appeals by motorists and vehicle owners whose vehicle has been issued with the Penalty Charge Notice. 

Please note that the Department for Transport  has no powers in disputes over the issue of a parking ticket.

Do I qualify for exemption from road tax?

The road tax exemption for disabled people is operated by theDriver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).  It is entirely independent from the Blue Badge Scheme.  In order to qualify for an exemption, you must:

  • receive the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance; or
  • receive War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement: and
  • the vehicle is registered in the name of the disabled person or the nominee named on the relevant certificate of entitlement (DLA404 or WPA442) issued by the appropriate government agency; or
  • you have an invalid carriage

If you believe you qualify and would like an application form, or additional information about the eligibility criteria please contact DVLA on 0870 240 0010.

Please note that there are restrictions on the use of tax exempt vehicles, which must only be used by the disabled person, or for their purposes, for example, to get a prescription or shopping.

What about the London Congestion charge?

Blue badge holders qualify for a 100% exemption from the congestion charge but you must register with Transport for London (TfL), who operate the charge on behalf of the Mayor of London, before travelling.  An application form is available from TfL by calling 0845 900 1234.  Further details are availabvle from their website.

Advice for Disabled Travellers from Abroad

The blue badge introduced a standard design of disabled persons' parking card across all European Union (EU) Member States.  This enabled disabled visitors from within the EU to enjoy the parking concessions provided in the UK by displaying the badge issued under their own national scheme.