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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Smoke Free England

Welcome to Smoke-Free Ribble Valley

After months of preparation, Ribble Valley (in line with the rest of England) is now officially smoke-free.

From 1 July 2007, smoking will not be allowed in virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces (including public transport and taxi's).

Responsibility for Smoke-free enforcement within the borough rests with Ribble Valley Borough Council who may also be contacted direct during office hours on 01200 425111 to obtain information / related advice or to report offences. The Council has employed an Environmental Health Practitioner to lead on Smoke free Workplace and to improve the regulation of Health & Safety related matters with in the Borough in line with the national agenda. In addition, licensed premises/activities will be carefully monitored by the Council's Enforcement Officer (Licensing & Environmental Health).

Enforcement will be undertaken in line with the adopted Council's Smoke-free Enforcement Policy.

The introduction of smoke-free environments will:

  1. Reduce the risks to health from exposure to second-hand smoke.
  2.  Provide a supportive environment for people trying to give up smoking.
  3. Save thousands of lives over the next decade by reducing both exposure to hazardous second-hand smoke and overall smoking rates.

A public opinion poll carried out in June 2007 showed that awareness of the law stands at 95%, with 78% of the population saying they support smoke free law.

And there's positive news for the pub industry too. Three quarters of regular pub goers say that the legislation will not affect how often they go to the pub and 14 per cent say they'll go more often.

What should I do if I see someone smoking in a smoke free place?

Firstly, it is the responsibility of the manager of the premises to make all reasonable attempts to prevent smoking in their premises, so you may wish to advise the person in charge. However if you do see someone smoking in a smoke free place and wish to report it, there is a central Call Centre for people to report incidents. The information will be passed to local councils to assist in building compliance with the new law in their local areas. The number is be 0800 587 1667.

If you wish to politely ask someone to refrain from smoking, Jo Aitchison, editor of Debrett's Etiquette for Girls on smoking has the following advice:

At Home

  • If a smoker lights up near a non-smoker in a public place, then the non-smoker could ask the smoker to move away slightly, or blow their smoke the other way.
  • If a smoker lights up in your house without asking first, politely ask the smoker to go outside.
  • Don't ever feel pressurised into allowing people to smoke in your house.

In public

  • If a smoker is a guest in a non-smoker's house, they should always ask you before lighting up. If in doubt, they should go outside.
  • The non-smoker could subtly suggest their discomfort by mentioning that it's a smoky environment, or be direct and tell the smoker that their smoke troubles them.

Of course, you may also wish to point out the no-smoking signs and mention that it's now against the law to smoke in enclosed public places and workplaces.

Where can I smoke?

If you still wish to smoke, you can do so outside, or in any private dwelling. No-smoking signs will show which places are smoke free. Remember, if you do smoke in a smoke free place you risk being fined, so if you are in doubt about where you can or can't smoke, look for the sign or ask someone in charge.

Free support for smokers who want to give up?

To find out about the local NHS Stop Smoking Service nearest you, phone the NHS Smoking Helpline free on 0800 169 0 169 or in the following ways:

  • Web: http://www.gosmokefree.co.uk/.
  • Mobile: text 'GIVE UP' and your full postcode to 88088.
  • In person: ask at your local GP practice, pharmacy or hospital.

Need more information?

For more information on the new smoke-free law visit:


You can also call the Smoke-free England information line on 0800 1691697.