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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Audit of Accounts

Audit of Accounts 2012 - 2013

Ribble Valley Borough Council

Notice of Certification of Completion of the Audit of Accounts 2012-2013

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Regulation 11 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011, that the Statutory Audit of the 2012-13 Accounts has now been completed. The Audit has been concluded in accordance with the Audit Commission Act 1998 and the Code of Audit Practice issued by the Audit Commission.

In accordance with the Audit Commission Act 1998, local government electors are entitled to:

1. Inspect and make copies of any statement of accounts prepared by the Council pursuant to regulations under section 27 of the Audit Commission Act 1998;

2. Inspect and make copies of any report, other than an immediate report, made to the Council by an auditor; and

3. Require copies of any such statement or report to be delivered to him on payment of a reasonable sum for each copy.

The Statement of Accounts is available on the Council's website at www.ribblevalley.gov.uk/soa and may also be inspected by local government electors between the hours of 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays at:

Ribble Valley Borough Council

Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe BB7 2RA

Phone: 01200 425111

Email: lawson.oddie@ribblevalley.gov.uk