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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Which local authority do you need?

Who does what?

The Ribble Valley Borough Council is a district authority in a two-tier area. 

It therefore has responsibility for certain matters, whereas some matters are the responsibility of the County Council, Lancashire County Council, and some matters are the responsibility of the Town or Parish Councils. 

Sometimes it is difficult to find out which local authority you need for a particular problem. 

The information below is intended to help you in this regard.  It is only a "rough guide" and is not exhaustive: exact divisions between local authorities are often more complicated than this summary suggests.  If you cannot find your answer below, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to direct you to the appropriate authority or person.

Lancashire County Council

Key matters dealt with at a County Council level include:

  • education (including schools, nursery, adult and community);
  • personal social services (including securing provision for the elderly, children and those with disabilities);
  • most highways and transport matters (including public transport, highways and parking, traffic management, street lighting and footpaths and bridleways).  Ribble Valley Borough Council also deals with some some of these issues, e.g. footpath and bridleway matters and off-street parking;
  • strategic planning (County-wide);
  • minerals and waste planning;
  • waste disposal (waste collection  and street cleansing) is dealt with by Ribble Valley Borough Council;
  • trading standards;
  • registration of births, marriages and deaths;and
  • library and information service.

The County Council also deal with emergency planning, recreation, economic and tourism development and community planning at a county council level.

Ribble Valley Borough Council

Key matters dealt with by us include:

  • homelessness, unfit housing and other residual housing functions (our housing stock has now been transferred to a housing association, Ribble Valley Homes, so they now have responsibilities in this regard);
  • cemeteries and burials;
  • council tax and business rate collection;
  • local development framework and some forward planning;
  • development control (planning applications and enforcement);
  • advertising consent;
  • tree preservation;
  • conservation areas;
  • off-street parking;
  • drainage;
  • street naming;
  • swimming pools and leisure centres;
  • refuse collection, recycling and street cleansing;
  • food safety;
  • public conveniences;
  • markets;
  • dog and pest control;
  • noise abatement;
  • some health and safety matters; and
  • electoral registration and elections.

We also deal with emergency planning, recreation and open spaces, economic and tourism development and community planning at a district council level.

Parish and Town Councils

Key matters dealt with at a Parish/ Town Council level include:

  • allotments;
  • village halls;
  • open spaces; and
  • planning - as consultees