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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Local Elections and Referendum 2011

Postal and Proxy Voting In Ribble Valley

 VOTERS in Ribble Valley unable to attend a polling station on May 5 for the local elections and a referendum on voting reform can apply to vote by post or proxy.


Following a change in the law, postal and proxy voters must now provide their date of birth and signature, known as "personal identifiers."


The regulations apply to existing postal and proxy voters, as well as those applying to vote by post or proxy for the first time.


Postal voters must be a registered elector and will be required to return a security statement with their completed ballot paper. The signature and date of birth provided on the statement will then be checked against the personal identifiers on their application form, which will help to deter and detect fraudulent use of postal votes.


Postal votes remain in separate sealed envelopes until the personal identifiers have been verified.


Prospective postal voters unable to provide a signature for any reason may be granted an exemption from the new arrangements and should contact Ribble Valley Borough Council's elections team for guidance.


Proxy votes are available to people unable to attend a polling station, for example due to holiday, disability or military service. Proxy voters are able to appoint someone, who must be over 18 years old, a close relative and a registered elector, to vote on their behalf.


Emergency proxy votes are also available until Election Day for medical reasons only.


Requests for a postal vote or to change an existing postal or proxy vote must be received by Ribble Valley Borough Council by 5pm on Thursday, April 14.


The deadline for new applications to vote by proxy, except medical emergencies, is 5pm on Thursday, April 21.


Further details are available from Ribble Valley Borough Council's elections team on 01200 414411.