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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Electoral Register

Electoral registration

What is the Electoral register?

The electoral register is a list of everyone entitled to vote. The register is published annually. It is important that you register every year to ensure you get your vote. A canvass is carried out annually and you will receive a registration form to complete. The register includes every house, flat and bed-sit. Homeless persons are also entitled to register. If you have not received a form or mislaid it, you should contact us directly. It is an offence not to supply the information required, or to give false information. The maximum fine is £1000.

Ribble Valley Borough Council's Electoral Registration and Elections unit is responsible for preparing the register of electors and organising the running of any elections held within the borough. This includes local, parliamentary, European and referenda.

You can only vote in elections if your name is on the register of electors for your area. The register is prepared annually and published every December. This is done by submitting your details on a registration form which is sent to very household in the Ribble Valley area during September. The qualifying date to be included on the register is 15th October.

With the introduction of rolling registration we can now update the electoral register every month. So if you've moved since October or have been missed off the register, you can get your new details put on to the register much quicker.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Electoral Registration Officer and Elections team at:

Electoral Registration and Elections Unit
Council Offices
Church Walk

Tel: 01200 414411 or 01200 414426
Fax: 01200 414488