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Environment Agency - Flood Risk Maps


The Environment Agency's indicative Floodplain Maps provide an overview of flood risk from rivers and water courses in England and Wales, but do not distinguish degrees of risk, which will be higher in undefended, low-lying areas near rivers or the sea.

The fact that a property lies within a floodplain does not mean that it will definitely experience flooding, or does it provude the degree of flood risk. The fact that a property lies outside the floodplain does not guarantee that a property will never flood. Flooding can arise from other sources such as, sewage systems, water flowing off adjacent land, road flooding etc. which are not shown on these maps. Further advice about risks or levels of protection in particular areas, or to particular properties, can be obtained by contacting:

Flood line: 0845 9881188 (call this to get information on flooding)

General Enquiry Line: 0845 933 311 (call this and we'll put you through to your local office)

Emergency Hotline: 0800 807 060 (call this for emergencies, like reporting a pollution incident)

Email: nfwc@environment-agency.gov.uk

To view the Environment Agency Indicative Floodplain maps, follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to the Environment Agency website.
  2. Look to the right of the screen and enter the postcode or placename of the area you want a floodplain map for.
  3. Now you can access the map results by clicking on the link, or you can continue browsing, through the options on the left of the screen consisting of things such as, 'What to do in a flood'.   

River floodplains are coloured blue on the map then your property maybe at risk from flooding, although the degree of risk varies. For example, the maps don't show where flood defences are provided which offer some protection for many properties because they are built to varying standards to suit local circumstances.

Remember that just because an area hasn't flooded in years, doesn't mean its safe from flooding. Scientists believe that climate change will lead to more frequent floods so it is important to be aware and prepared.