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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Local Strategic Partnerships

What is a local strategic partnership?


A local strategic partnership (LSP) is a single non-statuatory, multi-agency body, which matches local authority boundaries, and aims to bring together at a local level the different parts of the public, private, community and voluntary sectors.

LSPs are key to tackling deep seated, multi-faceted problems, requiring a range of responses from different bodies.  Local partners working through an LSP will be expected to take many of the major decisions about priorities for their local area.

Local partners working through a LSP are expected to act strategically to deliver decisions and actions which join up partners activities across a range of issues, enabling each of them to meet their own targets and goals and tackle cross-cutting issues more effectively.

LSPs are also the key to improving social cohesion, the relationship between different communities in an area and their relationship with statutory authorities. They will also strengthen connections with, and between, public sector agencies, local government, the voluntary and community sectors, businesses and local residents.

The Ribble Valley Strategic Partnership includes bodies such as the Primary Care Trust,the Police and the Council as well as task groups that include members of the community.

This partnership has come together to produce a Community Strategy which will address issues which local people within the Ribble Valley feel are important.

It is hoped that the strategy will support our communities in articulating their hopes, needs and priorities and will co-ordinate the actions of all public, private voluntary and community organisations operating locally.

or alternatively you can view the summary version of the strategy

For further information on the Strategic Partnership or the Community Strategy please contact the Ribble Valley Strategic Partnership Officer on 01200 414549 or email david.ingham@ribblevalley.gov.uk