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Art in Clitheroe Castle Grounds


Art Development

Convex Green Labyrinth situated in Clitheroe Castle grounds

"Convex Green" by artist Jim Buchanan is a Labyrinth created for the Clitheroe Castle Grounds. The unique large-scale design was chosen after workshops were held with the artist and the Ribble Valley community, beginning in summer 2005. These involved local primary schools learning their history and purpose, creating their own temporary labyrinths within their schools, public talks, a spectacular night projection event with lantern parade and a custom made labyrinth projection held in the darkened Ribble Valley Borough Council chambers.

The grass turf design offers one entrance path, which splits into two, designed for walking with a friend or family member. Maybe as a race to the centre, or perhaps it is a harder challenge to walk it slower than the other person. Both will arrive at the centre, and then swap over to walk out on the other person's inward path. The name "Convex Green" refers to its shape, colour and history as a bowling green. The original concept layout of the two path system was taught to Jim by a fellow labyrinth enthusiast, Willem Kuipers (Netherlands).

To enable the labyrinth to bring you good luck, walk both the pathways, pausing in the centre to make your wish.

This project has been supported by Ribble Valley Borough Council, Land, Clitheroe the Future, Friends of Clitheroe Castle and North West Development Agency.

Land and Panopticons are projects of the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network (ELEAN) which aims to demonstrate the positive role of the arts and cultural activity in the social and physical regeneration of East Lancashire. The projects are funded by the East Lancashire Regional Park development programme which aims to establish a unique character and positive identify for the area.


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