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Please complete and submit your response by 15th February 2013

Qa Is this your main home? (If this is your second home do not complete the rest of the form, but please do submit it.)

You and your household  
Q1 How would you describe your current home?
Q2 How many bedrooms does your home have?
Q3 How many years have you and your household lived in Longridge or neighbouring parishes?
Q4 Please complete the following grid to show the age of all those living in this property at present. How many people are there ...
  Age 0 - 16          
  Age 17 - 25          
  Age 26 - 35          
  Age 36 - 55          
  Age 56 - 70          
  Age 70+          
Q5 In total how many people are there living in your household?
Housing Requirements
Q6 Does your current home need to be adapted to improve its physical accessibility* because of the disability of someone in your household?
* If you have answered 'Yes' then please contact Social Services on 0845 053 0009 and request a visit from the Occupational Therapist
Q7 Has anyone from your family* moved away from Longridge in the last 10 years, due to difficulties in finding a suitable home locally?
*Family means your children, parents, brothers and sisters
Q8 Are you, or is anyone living with you, or anyone who used to live with you, likely to wish to move to other accommodation in Longridge now or in the future?
Q9 Would you be in favour of a development of affordable housing within Longridge if there was a proven need?
Q12 Where do those requiring accommodation currently live?
Q13 When do those requiring accommodation need to move from this home?
Q14 What is the current tenure of your home?
Q15 Which tenure would you prefer?    Please indicate only one preference
*Government scheme which enables people to buy a share in a newly built property
Q16 Are you on the Ribble Valley Homes or Housing Association register or waiting list? You are advised to do so
Q17 What type of accommodation would meet your needs?  Please indicate only one preference
Q18 How many bedrooms are required?
Q19 Does anyone in your household require any of the following?
Q20 Would an extension to your property resolve your housing needs?
Q21 What is your main reason for needing to move?
In order for us to determine the affordability of a property to meet your needs the following sections must be completed. All information provided is completely anonymous and confidential.
Q22 What is the maximum outgoing you could afford, including any service charges for a rental property?
Q23 Do you have any savings or equity in existing property which could be used to contribute towards a mortgage?
Q24 Do you live in Longridge?
Q25 If you don't live in Longridge now have you lived in Longridge in the last 20 years?
Q26 Do you live in any of the adjoining parishes of Longridge?
Q27 Do you work in:
Q28 Has any adult member of your household been offered a job in Longridge but was unable to take up the job offer due to lack of affordable housing?
Q29 Do you have any other strong local connection to Longridge?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Simply click the 'submit' button below to send us your response.

The information in this questionnaire is processed on behalf of the Strategic Housing Department for Ribble Valley Borough Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Council use anonymised reports of the data collected by this Survey to improve housing needs information across the Borough.

For more information please refer to Ribble Valley Borough Council's website or John Barber, Housing Officer, Ribble Valley Borough Council, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2RA Tel. No.: 01200 413235 Email: