Bulky Waste and Special Collections

Donating items to Charity and Community Organisations

There are many charity shops in the Ribble Valley that accept donations of clothing, textiles and small household items. You can also take textiles/clothing to some recycling sites located throughout the borough.Below is a list of Charities and not for profit Community Organisations that collect donations of large unwanted furniture including settees and household items.

YMCA Clitheroe

(Good quality furniture and electrical items - no washers or cookers)

Telephone: 01200 429015
Email: clitheroe.shop@ymca.org.uk

Free collection of large items only

Freegle (Freely given, locally, easily)

Freegle is a network of local groups where you can give items away if they still have some useful life left in them. Alternatively you may find someone donating an item that you need.

Sign up to Freegle: www.ilovefreegle.org

Maundy Grange

(Furniture, furnishings, bedding, electrical items and white goods - no gas cookers)

Telephone: 01254 232328
Email: info@maundyrelief.co.uk

Free collection of items


(Good quality furniture and electrical items)

Telephone: 01282 430860
Email: info@emmausburnley.org.uk
Website: www.emmausburnley.org.uk

Free collection of items

British Heart Foundation

(Furniture and working electricals)

Telephone: 01254 867670
Book online: bhf.org.uk/collection

Free collection of items

Open Door Furniture Recycling Ltd

(Furniture, furnishings, bedding, electrical items and white goods - no gas cookers)

Telephone: 01282 452400
Fax: 01282 415222
Email: info@furniturerecycling.org.uk
Website: www.furniturerecycling.org.uk

All arrangements made are strictly between the individual and the organisation and that Ribble Valley Borough Council takes no responsibility or accepts any liability in respect of these arrangements.