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Tree Care Specilalists

Aboricultural Contractors
The contractors on this list have demonstrated an ability to work to British Standard 3998, however, whenever you hire a tree contractor you should request that work is done in accordance with the British Standard. Tree contractors should be insured for public liability up to a minimum of £5 million.

Inclusion on this list does not constitute a formal recommendation from the Ribble Valley Borough Council, nor does it guarantee that the contractor and all their staff are fully qualified and insured. It is your responsibility as the client to check the qualifications and insurance of the contractor, in the event that a contractor is not insured you may be directly liable for any accidents occurring on your property. Tree work is very dangerous it is therefore very important that it is carried out by
competent, qualified, and insured professionals.

Ribble Valley Borough Council accepts no responsibility or liability for any dispute between the client and the contractor, neither for the quality of any work undertaken by the contractor. Ribble Valley Borough Council will not act as a mediator between client and contractor under any circumstances. You are not obliged to use a contractor from this list.

Before commencing any tree work you must check with Ribble Valley Borough Council as to whether your trees and/or woodlands are protected by a Tree Preservation Order or are within a Conservation Area. If either restriction applies then the Council will be able to outline the procedure to follow in order to gain legal consent to carry out the required tree work.

Ribble Valley Borough Council does not guarantee the quality or service given by any of the consultants listed and disclaims any financial or other responsibility however incurred.

If you have any questions or require advice on the status of your trees then please contact the Ribble Valley Borough Council Countryside Officer on 01200 414 505, or by email to

Arboricultural Consultants
An arboricultural consultant is somebody who is highly qualified in arboriculture with formal qualifications and experience in the assessment and interpretation of tree health, pests and diseases, general tree and woodland management, and legislation and legal requirements.

Arboricultural consultants must be covered by professional indemnity insurance to a legal minimum of £500,000. Arboricultural consultants do not usually carry out tree surgery, however if they do so then they should also have public liability insurance to a minimum of £5 million.

Arboricultural consultants will inspect your trees and make recommendations on the work required in a variety of different circumstances (including health and safety).

Reports (particularly on large trees) are recommended on a 3 to 5 year cycle (unless otherwise stated by the consultant in your individual circumstances). Reports are sometimes a requirement in order to obtain mortgages or insurance, but even when this is not the case it is sensible to have your trees inspected by a professional on the suggested cycle.

In cases where your trees are protected by tree preservation orders or conservation areas your arboricultural consultant may make an application for consent on your behalf. You are not obliged to use a consultant from this list.

Ribble Valley Borough Council does not guarantee the quality or service given by any of the consultants listed and disclaims any financial or other responsibility however incurred.

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