Village Halls and Community Venues - Ribchester Village Hall/ St Wilfrids Parochial Hall, Ribchester

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Information about this venue Ribchester Village Hall Riverside is adjacent to Saint Wilfrid's church, and is used by many groups, organisations and individuals, both locally and from the wider community. It has been a venue for celebrations after christenings, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries, a venue for practising musicians, dog shows, summer balls and junior discos. Local firms have used it for company functions. It has been a base for visiting school parties and historical societies carrying out surveys in and around the village. It has been a polling centre, a health centre, an arts centre and a study centre for IT.
Main Venue Contact Mr Colin Cunliffe (enquiries)
Contact address 25 Church Street
Telephone 01254 878473
Alternative contact Mary (bookings)
Alternative contact telephone 07891 587802
Location of Village Hall