Districtwide Local Plan

Local Plan

Between 1998 and 2014, the Districtwide Local Plan set out detailed policies and specific proposals for the development and use of land in the area. It guided most day-to-day planning decisions.

The Local Plan was adopted by the Council in 1998 and its remaining saved policies are now superseded by the Core Strategy 2008-2028: A Local Plan for Ribble Valley, which was formally adopted on 16 December 2014. It is therefore no longer part of the statutory development plan for the Borough.

The adopted Core Strategy also contains at Chapter 14 a schedule of the former saved policies of the Districtwide Local Plan and the reference to the relevant replacement policy(ies) in the adopted Core Strategy .

The Conservation Area boundaries shown in the Local Plan maps became obsolete from Thursday 15 March 2007. The new boundaries can be viewed in the New Conservation Area Boundaries document.

Districtwide Local Plan Maps 

The proposals maps which accompanied the Districtwide Local Plan remain in place until a revised set of plans are produced as part of the Housing and Economic Development DPD.  Further information on this process can be found in the resultant changes to the proposals map document.  The document also sets out which saved policies of the District wide Local Plan are replaced by the relevant policy(ies) of the adopted Core Strategy.  

It is recognised that a settlement boundary review will be undertaken as part of the Housing and Economic Development DPD. The outcome of any review cannot be pre-empted at this stage.  In the meantime, the Planning and Development Committee agreed on 18th September 2014 to: a methodology for the settlement boundary work; and to continue to use settlement boundaries within the Districtwide Local Plan where appropriate for development management purposes.

Upon adoption of the Core Strategy (16th December 2014), any remaining saved policies of the Districtwide Local Plan were replaced by the relevant policy of the Core Strategy.  For details, see Chapter 14 of the adopted Core Strategy

You can view the Districtwide Local Plan Maps by area. 

Please note each map has a key tailored specifically for its sheet and that the key is provided separately to the map. All keys should now be read in conjunction with Chapter 14 of the adopted Core Strategy as set out above.