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Online forms: Arts Development Funding Support

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The aim of Arts Development Funding Support is for Ribble Valley Borough Council to invest in the development and improvement of arts activity throughout the borough. Supporting and promoting the future culture, health and well-being of the Ribble Valley community.

2017 Criteria

The applicant:

  • Must live in Ribble Valley or provide a service / business which is based within the borough
  • Must be an organisation not run for profit.
  • Must not be seeking funding for charitable cause or third party which is a different organisation to the applicant.

The project:

  • Must provide a high quality arts experience in one or more of the following art forms; Theatre, Dance, Music, Comedy, Film, Photography, Digital, Fine Art, Craft and Creative Writing.
  • Priority will be given to a project which targets a section of the community who may be disadvantaged in accessing and experiencing arts.
  • Must demonstrate a clear need in terms of how it will benefit the Ribble Valley Community.
  • Must have clear targets in what it is trying to achieve and how it will be evaluated.
  • Priority will be given to projects that seek match funding bringing external funding into the area. The council will support up to 50% of the cost of the scheme.
  • The scheme is not intended to contribute towards the upkeep, maintenance or running costs of any organisation.
  • Projects should not start before Ribble Valley Borough Council Arts Development Funding Support has been confirmed and normally should be completed within 12 months of being confirmed.
  • Partnership working will be give priority.
  • Projects will be assessed on their level of sustainability. Evidence should be provided as to how it will continue and grow in future years without council funding support.
  • Projects will not receive repeat funding unless stating clearly how this contribution will be developing a new aspect.

Grant Terms

  • Should the applicant cease to use the contribution for the use for which is was awarded, the council may wish to decline all or a proportion of the contribution to be paid.
  • Contributions cannot be expected every year. Each scheme will be considered on its merits and in line with the council's culture and leisure priorities.
  • Payments will be released on the production of a completed evaluation form with copies of invoices and receipts for the project.
  • The authority will not commission any grants to organisations and individuals who are in breach of the principles of Social Value Act 2012, or reserve the right to withdraw funding if it becomes apparent that they are in breach.

Supporting Information

Please send the following documents in addition to the completed application form

  • If you are a constituted group add the constitution of your organisation
  • Supporting documents you feel are relevant to your application (non returnable, send copies only)
  • Any letters of support for your project

If you need advice on submitting this application contact:

Katherine Rodgers 01200 425566


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