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Ribble Valley Borough Council

Local Development Framework

LDF Related Documents

ldf The following documents are related to the Local Development Framework (LDF) plan making process.

Statement of Five Year Land Supply (March 2008) provides the housing land supply information in the borough at a snapshot in time.  More recently, this information is included as part of the Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR).  This information can be found within the housing chapter of the AMR. The AMR is a LDF document and has to be published in December each year.   



Saved Districtwide Local Plan Policies following the saving exercise undertaken in September 2007. This link provides a list of the policies from the Districtwide Local Plan that were saved at this time and will remain saved until replaced by policies in the Local Development Framework.  A new schedule of saved policies will be produced when policies begin to be superseded. 


The Affordable Housing Memorandum of Understanding is a material planning consideration. It sets out the borough's position in terms of affordable housing and what will be expected as part of a planning application for residential development in different places in the borough.

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