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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

What is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)? The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a document that looks at potential new housing sites within the Ribble Valley. It forms a vital part of the evidence base that will inform the new development plan for the Ribble Valley, which is called the Local Development Framework (LDF). Although not allocation sites, the SHLAA highlights sites with the potential for housing development and indicates at what stage in the future these may become available.

Work so far: As part of the SHLAA we invited people to submit to us any potential housing sites for consideration in the future plan, the Local Development Framework (LDF). Following this a methodology for the SHLAA was developed, which was consulted upon in September 2008. This report can be viewed by downloading the methodology for the SHLAA

Between 13 April and 5 June 2009, the draft SHLAA report was published for comment. The report discussed the process that the SHLAA followed, why certain decisions were made and what the results of the SHLAA showed in terms of housing provision over the next 0-5 years, 6-10 years and 11-15 years, as well as the location of where this development is proposed.

During this SHLAA consultation, a large number of responses were received. These responses have been collated within the SHLAA summary of representations document, which is available at the Planning reception on level D of the Council Offices. 

Adopted SHLAA: In response to the consultation, changes were made to the SHLAA report which was adopted by Planning and Development Committee in November 2009. Download the adopted SHLAA report.  A hard copy of the SHLAA report can also be viewed at Planning reception on level D of the Council Offices.

Accompanying the SHLAA report is a series of site plans and site detail proformas which make up the 'book of sites'. These are available to view at Planning reception on level D of the Council Offices.

Current Situation: The Council is currently updating the adopted SHLAA to support the submission and examination of the Core Strategy. A 'call for sites' to identify any additional sites that may be included in the update is being undertaken up to 22 March 2013. For more information see below.

Update of SHLAA "Call for Sites" - February 2013

As part of the update of its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment published in 2009 the Council provided the opportunity for additional sites to be put forward for consideration by issuing a "Call for Sites" from February 2013 to 22 March 2013. The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment provides part of the evidence base for the Core Strategy and is key in assessing the potential for the Council to deliver sufficient housing land over the plan period. Additional sites which were suggested will be assessed and the informarion used to inform the SHLAA update and the subsequent examination of the Core Strategy.

The suggestion of a site or its consideration as part of the SHLAA process does not imply on the Council's part that it will agree that a site has potential for housing; or that planning permission would be forthcoming for housing; or that it will be allocated for development in any subsequent Development Plan Documents.

If you have any further queries relating to the SHLAA, please ring 01200 425111. You can also email any queries you may have to regeneration@ribblevalley.gov.uk