Refuse Collections

We have now collected the outstanding waste from all areas except half of Read and Simonstone. These areas will be collected this Friday and it will be blue week for recycling.


Categories in Housing

  • Find a Home

    Your options when looking for accommodation in the Ribble Valley.

  • Homelessness and Emergency Housing

    Information if you think you may be becoming homeless or in need of emergency housing.

  • Housing Associations

    Housing Associations and contact information.

  • Disabled Facilities Grants

    Grants available to help disabled people in their homes.

  • Landlords

    Information and various grants available to help landlords.

  • Tenancy Protection Scheme

    The Scheme is aimed for people who cannot afford the bond required to rent accommodation.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Information on how to make your home more energy efficient and save money on your bills.

  • Self-Build Register

    We are working to find out how much interest there is in self-build housing across Ribble Valley.

  • Housing Forum

    The Housing Forum is held twice a year and took place on 24 November in the Council Chambers.

  • Housing Needs Surveys

    Housing Needs Surveys are carried out to provide necessary information to allow the Council to facilitate the provision of relevant affordable housing.

Sub-categories of Housing