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Isolation Art

Make new works of art and unleash your creativity during lock down. Each week we will set a new theme to inspire you to create, or simply do your own thing. There are no boundaries to what art form you choose, write, draw, film, paint, perform, photograph, sew or sculpt it’s up to you.

At this extremely challenging time, we believe that the power of creativity to unite people and support them to maintain good mental health is more important than ever. At this unprecedented time of change people have found they have more chance to try new things, get back to a long-lost hobby or adapt new ways to express their creativity. This simple activity will give Ribble Valley’s community the chance to connect and inspire during lockdown.


This weeks theme 'Ribble Valley Revealed – Heritage & Hidden Nature' - week beginning 6 July 2020

For the following few weeks our Isolation Art themes will be Ribble Valley Revealed – Heritage & Hidden Nature.

We are pleased to announce we are working together with Clitheroe Heritage Open Days to create a body of work that will not only be exhibited at the Platform Gallery in August 2020 but will also feature in the Heritage Open Day (HOD) Weekend event on the 11-20 September.

September each year sees ‘England’s largest festival of history and culture’ (see find out more).

"The Heritage Open Days national team recently announced that the 2020 festival will go ahead on the planned dates of 11-20 September, although in rather different form than usual. As part of this year’s Ribble Valley offering, we hope to show something of the valley’s heritage treasures out on the street. So, through the medium of ‘Isolation Art’ we are inviting you to submit work – visual, written word, three dimensional – which reveals something of Ribble Valley’s heritage - either in relation to a historical aspect or following the HOD 2020 theme of ‘hidden nature’ ( for ideas on how this might be interpreted).

Our vision for Clitheroe and Ribble Valley this year is to have artwork on display on our high streets – obviously this depends very much on circumstances when September comes, so everything is a bit tentative at the moment. But we’re asking you to start the journey with us in hope by producing art which focuses on ‘Ribble Valley Revealed’."

Maureen Fenton and Ruth Thompson, Clitheroe HOD Steering Group

If you feel you’d like to discuss the heritage aspect of this further, you can email Maureen at or txt on 07710 409457.

When your masterpiece is complete, sit back and enjoy your creation. We would like you to share your creations by simply sending us images / videos to facebook, twitter or email 


Artwork submitted by the 16th of July will be exhibited in the Platform Gallery's first post Lockdown exhibition 'Isolation Art August 1 - 29' *

Artwork submitted after the 16th of July will continue to be shared on social media and if fitting the 'Ribble Valley Revealed' theme will be considered for the Heritage Open Day's event in September with a deadline of 20th of August for the final submissions.

If you have any enquiries please email Katherine Rodgers - Arts Development Officer

Previous Themes

  • Week beginning 11 May 'View'
  • Week beginning 18 May 'Animals'
  • Week beginning 25 May 'Portraits'
  • Week beginning 1 June 'Sky'
  • Week beginning 8 June 'Food'
  • Week beginning 15 June 'Home'
  • Week beginning 22 June 'Book'
  • Week beginning 29 June 'Patterns'
  • Week beginning 6 July 'Ribble Valley Revealed - Heritage & Hidden Nature'

The weekly themes will be posted on this page, Facebook @ArtsDevelopmentRVBC and Twitter @RVBCArtsDev

*Due to space only one piece, per person, per theme will feature in the exhibition.


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