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Heritage Partnership Agreement

Stonyhurst Heritage Partnership Agreement Consultation

Consultation on the making of a Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement relating to land (external elevations of the Shireburn Quadrangle) at Stonyhurst College, Hurst Green BB7 9PZ.

The proposed Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement has been jointly developed by Stonyhurst College, Ribble Valley Borough Council and Historic England.  It follows the production of a revised Conservation Management Plan for Stonyhurst (2014).

The purpose of the LBHPA is to reduce repetitive Listed Building Consent applications for the replacement of windows where a decision-making process demonstrates that they are beyond repair.  The LBHPA enables specific details and method statements for different windows to be agreed in advance under the Consented Works.

The Consented Works include proposals to replace timber windows using patterns and details copied from the identified historic exemplars.  The replacement of low quality modern windows with windows that match historic exemplars will enhance the significance of the listed building.  Where a historic window is demonstrated to be beyond repair, the replacement will preserve the character of the building and protect its significance.

In the absence of the LBHPA the College would need to apply for Listed Building Consent for each individual window replacement.  The LBHPA enables the College to plan strategically for carrying out window replacement works, when essential, thus avoiding the need for repeated applications of an individually minor nature, thereby saving time and resources for all parties.

Any person who wishes to make representations about the proposal should write to the Council at Ribble Valley Borough Council, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe BB7 2RA (For the attention of Adrian Dowd) by 25 July 2018.



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