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Fly tipping is the illegal practice of dumping unwanted items in the environment.

Reporting fly-tipping 

If you see anyone fly tipping in the Ribble Valley, try to make a note of where and when you saw the incident, the vehicle type and registration number and what waste was dumped.

Use our report fly-tipping form or call 01200 425111.

If it is out of office hours report it to the police.

Do not approach or try and tackle a fly-tipper yourself

We can only deal with fly-tipping which takes place on public land. Any fly-tipping on private property and privately owned land will need to be dealt with by the owner. Fly-tipping which blocks a road or highway should be reported to Lancashire County Council on 0300 123 6701.

Before and after a fly-tipping clean up


Flytipping by the side of the road



Area cleaned up after fly-tipping

Area cleaned up after fly-tipping

Fly-tipping varies in size from a bag of rubbish to a wagon load of material and some material can be hazardous waste which could be harmful to health.

If someone is caught fly-tipping or if waste from their home or premises is found fly-tipped they can be fined up to £50,000 or face possible imprisonment.

This Council takes all incidents of fly-tipping seriously no matter how much waste is involved and will take proceedings against those responsible.

It is costing the taxpayers of Ribble Valley over £40,000 a year to remove flytipped waste dumped in laybys, open land, by the roadside, in the countryside and backstreets. This anti social activity as well as costly, spoils our environment and damages the reputation of Ribble Valley as an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

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