Platform Gallery 2011 Exhibitions

Northweave - The Bristish Tapestry Group

12 March - 23 April 2011

See a snapshot of current British tapestry weaving at Northweave, an exhibition of contemporary British Tapestry Weaving by the Northern members of the British Tapestry Group.  The work on display in the Platform Gallery reflects the varying styles and techniques of today's contemporary Tapestry weavers.

The exhibition will feature stunning works by 17 members from the North of England.  There will be large scale hangings, smaller sized framed works and three dimensional pieces.  Many of the artists are producing smaller, more affordable works to be sold alongside their main exhibition pieces.

The British Tapestry Group was formed in 2005 by 5 tapestry weavers in West Yorkshire.   Its aim is to promote the art of tapestry weaving and provide a communication network for tapestry weavers nationwide.  Membership of the Group has continued to grow, there are now over 150 members nationally and some overseas.  The website has arguably become the website to research British Tapestry Weaving and artist weavers.   The Group holds annual Tapestry Weaving Exhibitions, Workshops and Conferences.  In 2010, BTG took part in the Knitting & Stitching Show to encourage wider interest and participation in tapestry weaving.

The British Tapestry Group exists to help establish woven tapestry as a mainstream art form in the UK, promoting excellence and public awareness through professional exhibitions, networking, regional initiatives, training and development to stimulate and re-energise this ancient and very unique craft. 

image - Margaret Crowther, Wind Gatherer

For more information on the BTG contact Janet Clark,

or the Platform Gallery on 01200 443071