Platform Gallery 2011 Exhibitions

Taking Time - Craft and the Slow Revolution

7 May - 9 July 2011

(Ken Eastman and Dawn Youll pictured, image by Richard Battye)

Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution features the work of nineteen international makers and artists reflecting on the "Slow Revolution". The exhibition features textile, upcycled fashion, enamel, furniture and ceramic.

The exhibition curated with Helen Carnac considers how contemporary craft shares values and philosophies of the Slow Movement, which developed as a response to increasingly fast-paced lifestyles and unsustainable consumer culture. Through their making, some of the artists reflect on local and global conditions while others invite audiences to participate in making collective installations.

The importance of community and collaborative working within a fast-paced society is also stressed within the Slow Movement.

This does not necessarily mean a rejection of technology. Amy Houghton and Ed Holroyd have initiated a "Tweave" throughout the exhibition tour - an evolving woven digital artwork using social networking site Twitter.


Gary Breeze - Lettering sculptor, Neil Brownsword - Ceramics artist, Sonya Clark - Textile artist, Rebecca Earley  - Textile designer and expert in environmental textiles, David Gates - Furniture designer, Matthew Harris - Textile artist, Amy Houghton - Animation artist, Sue Lawty - Textile artist, Elizabeth Turrell - Enamel artist, Judith van den Boom & Gunter Wehmeyer - Slow designers, Heidrun Schimmel -Textile artist, Paul Scott & Ann Linnemann - Ceramics artists, Shane Waltener  & Cheryl McChesney Jones - Artist and Choreographer, Esther Knobel - Jeweller, Ken Eastman & Dawn Youll - Ceramics artists

Funding: The exhibition has been supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts. 

Helen Carnac is a practising artist, academic and maker based in London.

Craftspace is a crafts development agency working to increase opportunities for makers and to develop and promote contemporary crafts through touring exhibitions, education projects, action research partnerships and consultancy.

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