Platform Gallery 2013 Exhibitions

To the Letter - 26 Jan to 13 April 2013

This group exhibition will feature handcrafted work that explores the use of words and letters as an
integral part of the work. Some makers use text in a direct way to challenge, question or make a
literal statement. Others are inspired by our need to communicate on a quieter level, sometimes even
in secret codes or messages. Literature, poetry and journals trigger the need to make in others, or it
is the simply the beauty and aesthetics of letter forms that are explored. From traditionally made
ceramics and finely crafted metalwork to innovative use of plastic and mixed media, the exhibition
investigates how text inspire the makers and presents a varied range of objects both functional and

Jewellery and metalwork: Jonathan Boyd, Harmony Jutle, Deborah Rehmat, Phiona Richards,
Jessica Sherriff, Barbara Webster.
Ceramics: David Ashby, Jane Barker, Carine Brosse, Naomi Robinson
Textiles: Gwyneth Depport, Jane Flanagan, Lorna Jewitt, Anne Menary, Mhairi Wild
Mixed Media: Annwyn Dean, Philippe Handford, Clare Knox Bentham, Patrick Macaulay, Jennie
Merriman, Joan Newall, Elizabeth Shorrock , Suzanne Smith, Alix Swan, Moira Walton.

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