Platform Gallery 2007 Exhibitions

2007 Exhibition Programme

New Traditions 

20 January-3 March 

This exhibition celebrates the innovative ways in which makers have continued to expand the UK's rich craft heritage. The objects in this exhibition offer interpretations of traditional crafts that in some way answer the needs and wants of modern times. Includes work by Claire Cawte, Jane Cummins, Dasmarca, Maiko Dawson, Ann Catrin Evans, Philip Hearsey, Keep and Share, Ruth Mae, Rachel Max, Tracie Murchison, Jenny Nutbeem, Melissa Simpson, David Ian Smith and others.

Plus- Phoenix Group of Textile Artists 27 January - 24 February

Making Craft Work

10 March - 28 April 

Showcasing work by students from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Central Lancashire. This exhibition highlights two alternative ways that graduates can engage in further learning after completing a creative degree course. Featuring the work of up to 15 students providing a snapshot of their development.


5 May - 30 June

Artists and makers interpretations of clothing and its associated meanings. This mixed media exhibition features Jennifer Collier, Michelle Fielding, Sarah Hardcastle, Carole Hunt, Priscilla Jones, Teleri Selby, Christine Stanford, Alison Willoughby and others, as well as clothing - inspired jewellery.
Plus- 'The Necessities & Requirements of Fairy Life' Samantha Bryan Showcase Small-scale sculptures inspired by Victorian gadgetry and invention, based on the imaginary and eccentric gadgets necessary to life as a fairy.

Corners and Curves

7 July - 1 September

Ceramic sculpture by Helen Felcey and Rebecca Catterall. A joint exhibition featuring work by two ceramic artists which complements each other through contrast. Rebecca Catterall's sculptural forms constructed from many small geometric blocks sit alongside Helen Felcey's sensuous, finely cast bone china objects. Both artists have developed their own ceramic techniques to construct their work, reflecting the relationship we have with the environment around us.


8 September - 27 October

An international exhibition of digital craft highlighting the ever-advancing array of processes available to craft makers. This exhibition features established and emerging practitioners working in textiles, jewellery, metalwork, wood, furniture and ceramics. The artists' working processes will be explained alongside the finished objects in the form of maquettes, dvd's, text and images. A Devon Guild of Craftsmen touring exhibition in collaboration with the University of Plymouth. 

The Art and Craft Guild of Lancashire 8 - 30 September

Compilation -The Best of The Platform Gallery 3 November - 5 January 

The Platform Gallery's annual Christmas exhibition. Beautiful and unique gift ideas for all the family, by approximately one hundred different craft makers. Work by artists new to the gallery as well as old favourites is sourced from the length and breadth of the country. Prices range from £5 to £500. All work is for sale and most can be taken home on the day.

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