Easter Closures

The Council Offices, Platform Gallery and Ribblesdale Pool will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Bin collections will not be affected. Please put your bins out as normal.

Benefits and Council Tax Support

Categories in Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

  • Benefit Fraud

    Benefit and Council Tax Support fraud is where people claim Housing and Council Tax Support and/or Social Security Benefits but have no right to claim it.

  • Housing and Council Tax Benefit

    Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support is a financial assistance to help pay for your rent and Council Tax. From 24 November some people will have to claim universal credit instead.

  • How to Claim

    To claim housing and council tax support you need to fill in an application form relating to you and your family's circumstances.

  • Local Housing Allowance (LHA)

    If you are renting a property or room from a private landlord, the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is used to work out how much Housing Benefit you get.

  • Overpayment of Benefit

    When we give you too much benefit, we call it an 'overpayment'.

  • Universal Credit

    Universal Credit is replacing certain benefits in parts of the UK.

  • What to do if you disagree with a decision about your benefit

    The process for disagreeing with a benefits decision.