Payment System Upgrade Monday 9 December

We will not be able to accept any payments by credit/debit card on 9 December. Our Cash Office will be open and accept cash and cheque payments only. Online and telephone payments will be unavailable.

Staying Warm and Healthy in Winter

Keeping Healthy in Winter

Keeping well

  • Try to stock up on essentials (e.g. tinned food, long life milk, bread in the freezer)
  • Have a personal stock of grit
  • Try to arrange someone in advance to put your bin out in wintery conditions if you are unable to
  • If you don't have to go out, Stay inside during bad weather
  • Wear shoes with good treads
  • Consider the health, safety and wellbeing of more vulnerable members of your community, particularly during bad weather

Free Flu vaccine

The flu jab is offered for free to the following group of people every year:

  • Patients with chronic illness such as heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes or a chronic neurological condition
  • Patients with weakened immune systems
  • Healthy children aged 2 to 4 years
  • Pregnant women (at any stage of their pregnancy)
  • All people age 65 years and over

For more information about flu vaccinations, people should contact their local GP, local participating chemist or visit NHS choices: Flu and the flu vaccine.

Best foot forward

Best Foot Forward is a programme to help people improve strength, balance and confidence. It helps with the following:

  • Warm Up - to get your body moving and ready to exercise safely
  • Stamina - to give you extra puff so you can do more things for longer!
  • Balance - to keep you on your feet and help you with everyday tasks
  • Strength - to keep your muscles, joints and bones nice and strong
  • Stretches - to give you more movement so you can reach, bend and stretch
  • Adapted Tai Chi - movements to help you relax, improve your co-ordination and balance
  • Cool down and relax - to cool you down safely
  • Cuppa and chat - including some informal education around helping you stay safe and steady

Each session uses sports equipment such as balls and bands and there are two members of staff at available to offer support.

For more information contact 01200 414484.

Slippers, feet and footwear

  • Wear solid, supportive footwear, with non-slip soles, good tread, encompassing the ankle gives support
  • Correctly cut toe nails and good foot health will help.

Tablets and medication

  • Have a regular medication review with your Pharmacist or GP. Always take medication as prescribed.
  • Be aware of interactions between medications-those prescribed and those bought over the counter as 'homely remedies'. Be aware of the effects of alcohol.
  • Don't stock pile medications

Environment and lighting

  • 'Quick Start' Energy saving light bulbs come on fully much faster - use a nightlight to guide the way, they're not an alternative to putting on the 'Big Light' though - especially if you get up to use the toilet at night.
  • Check that all light bulbs work, use 1,000 Lumen bulbs especially in large rooms, hallways, stairs and landing.   

Activity and exercise

  • Physical, mental and social benefits of activity and exercise, it can be chair based. T'ai Chi is good for balance - other activities will be available in your area.
  • Check out your local groups - Help Direct on 0303 333 1111 will have the information.

Do you fall? Please tell your health and social contacts

  • Having one fall can increase your risk of falling again, unexplained falls should be investigated by a Doctor.

Eyesight and vision

  • Keeping your glasses clean only takes a few moments.
  • Have a regular eye test, every 1-2 years.
  • Be sure to wear the right glasses for the right purpose, e.g. reading, long distance, bi/ vari-focals etc; be aware when walking looking downwards.

Age UK also provide information and advice, including an exercise guide for falls prevention.

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