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Check Your Poll Card Call to Ribble Valley Voters

Published Thursday, 21 March 2019

Check your poll card – that’s the message to Ribble Valley voters who may be affected by changes to their wards.

Ribble Valley goes to the polls in borough and parish council elections on Thursday 2 May, but some wards have changed following a local government boundary review.

Most of the changes are minor, such as a change in name, but several wards have been divided, some new wards created and the boundaries of others changed.

This means electors may be voting in a new ward and even at a new polling station, particularly in Clitheroe, East Whalley and Billington.

Ward names and polling stations are set out on poll cards, which are currently being delivered to the borough’s homes.

Ribble Valley returning officer Marshal Scott said: “Most of the ward changes are minor, but some voters will find themselves in a new ward and perhaps voting at a new polling station.

“The best way to find out whether there are changes to your voting arrangements is to check your poll card, which will clearly set out the name of your ward and where to vote.”

The wards particularly affected by the changes are in Clitheroe, East Whalley and Billington.

Full details of the boundary changes, including maps, are available in Elections and Voting.


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