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Dog Owners Warned After Pet-on-Pet Attacks Spike

Published Thursday, 04 July 2019

Dog owners in Ribble Valley are being warned they face hefty fines if their pet attacks other animal.

The number of complaints about dog-on-dog attacks in the borough has increased – with eight in the last three months alone – and Ribble Valley Borough Council has vowed to take action.

You face an unlimited fine, up to six months in prison, or both, if your dog injures a person.

But a court will also take action if your dog attacks another animal – in the case of a guide dog, the prison sentence can be ramped up to three years.

And a council can issue a community protection notice ordering your dog to be muzzled, kept on a lead or neutered.

Heather Barton, Ribble Valley Borough Council’s head of environmental health, said: “Dogs do scuffle on occasions, but sometimes matters escalate into a serious attack, leaving animals distressed or injured.

“You should remain diligent when walking your pet in public by keeping an eye on how it interacts with other dogs and watching for signs of aggressive behaviour, such as snarling, growling, baring teeth and lunging.

“The best way to avoid confrontation is to ensure your dog is kept under control – train it to understand your commands and stay close when told to.

“We are receiving an increasing number of complaints about dog-on-dog attacks and will not hesitate to take action.”

  • If you or your dog is attacked by another dog, once you are safe, note the dog’s colour, size, breed, markings and collar colour, and take a photo if it is safe to do so, then report the attack to Ribble Valley Borough Council immediately on 01200 425111.


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