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It Takes Just Five Minutes to Register to Vote

Published Thursday, 17 October 2019

It takes just five minutes to register to vote – that’s the message from Ribble Valley Borough Council’s elections team.

Voting is the cornerstone of democracy and the ballot box is where people get to have their say on who takes decisions and acts on their behalf.

Ribble Valley Borough Council’s electoral officer Jane Horsfield  said: “Elections are sometimes called at short notice and those who have recently moved house are particularly less likely to have registered to vote.

“So if you have recently changed address or moved into Ribble Valley don’t overlook electoral registration. It takes just five minutes and if you aren’t registered you can’t vote – it’s as simple as that.”

To be eligible to register to vote you must be aged 16 or over (a person may register to vote at 16, but may not vote until they are 18), a British or qualifying Commonwealth citizen who has leave to enter and remain in the UK or does not require such leave, or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or other European Union (EU) member state.

If you were registered to vote in the last election and  have returned your Household Enquiry Form, you will still be registered to vote.

To register to vote, visit


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