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Legal Warning for Private Water Supplies

Published Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The owners of private water supplies are reminded that they are now legally responsible for ensuring the supply is...

They must ensure their supply is risk assessed by 31 December 2014, and regularly tested thereafter in relation to the volume of water consumed per year, with large commercial supplies liable for testing up to four times a year and small domestic supplies around once every five years.

Ribble Valley Borough Council has now commenced an extensive water sampling risk assessment programme and the owners of private water supplies, regardless of whether they come from a spring, well, borehole or stream, are scheduled to receive a site visit over the next 18 months.

James Russell, Ribble Valley Borough Council's head of environmental health, said: "The new regulations seek to safeguard public health by ensuring private water supplies are wholesome and safe to use for food production or drinking.

"Private water supplies must undergo a risk assessment by the end of next year to ensure the quality is similar to that of mains water and be regularly tested thereafter.

"In accordance with the law, risk assessments will be undertaken by the council's environmental health team and will be chargeable to the supply owners."

Download the Guidance on Private Water Supply Regulations booklet for information on the new regulations, risk assessment process, fees and charges.

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