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Street Clutter Clampdown on the Cards

Published Monday, 03 June 2013

A clampdown on residents and companies who clutter Ribble Valley's roads and pavements with A-boards and banners is on the cards.

There has been an increase in unauthorised street signage in recent months, particularly in Clitheroe town centre and along the A59.

Ribble Valley Borough Council is to tackle the problem following complaints from residents and visitors, and anyone using unauthorised street and road signs is advised to remove them immediately.

If they don't, the signs may be removed by the council and formal action, such as prosecution, taken against their owners.

Street signage requires planning permission and A-boards or banners without permission are flouting the law.

Ribble Valley Borough Council's head of legal and democratic services, Diane Rice, said: "As well as being unsightly and potentially dangerous, unauthorised signage is unfair on businesses that comply with the law.

"We have surveyed the situation following complaints from street users and as a result are asking any resident or business using unauthorised signage to remove it immediately.

"While we want to support businesses, we also have a duty to protect the environment and the number of unauthorised signs currently in use is attracting complaints from street-users.

"We are happy to assist local businesses by providing help and advice about the type of adverts they can display."

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