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Ribble Valley Postal Vote Renewal Call

Published Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Postal voters in Ribble Valley whose applications are over five years old are being asked to supply their signature again.

Postal voters are required to provide their date of birth and signature, known as "personal identifiers."

They must be registered electors and are required to return a security statement with their completed ballot paper.

During an election, application forms are cross-referenced with personal identifiers to deter and detect fraudulent use of postal votes.

Postal votes remain in separate sealed envelopes until the personal identifiers have been verified.

Around 400 Ribble Valley postal voters who completed postal vote application forms over five years ago will receive letters from 1 August requesting a refreshed signature.

They must supply the new signature within six weeks, or their postal vote will be cancelled.

Prospective postal voters unable to provide a signature for any reason may be granted an exemption and should contact Ribble Valley Borough Council's elections team on 01200 414411 for guidance.

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