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New Combined Recycling and Waste Paper Collection Schedule

Published Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ribble Valley households are to receive collections of waste paper and cardboard on the same day as their green or blue wheeled bins.

From 3 March, waste paper and cardboard will be collected from households in the north of the borough on the same day as green wheeled bins. Households in the south of the borough will have their waste paper and cardboard collected on the same day as blue wheeled bins.

Collection schedules outlining the new service are currently being delivered to households across the borough and the new service starts from Monday 3 March.

Ribble Valley Borough Council took its popular "white sack" collection of waste paper and cardboard in-house in July last year in a drive to increase efficiency and boost recycling rates.

Robert Thompson, chairman of the council's community services committee, said: "The white sack service has been valued by local residents for many years, but by taking it in-house and aligning it with the rest of our refuse collection service we hope to make it more customer-focused and increase participation rates.

"We aim to collect as much waste paper and card as possible, not only because it helps to protect the planet, but also to contribute towards the cost of providing the service through income generated from the sale of the paper and cardboard.

"We are asking residents to watch out for the new schedules and start using them immediately."

The schedules show whether waste paper and cardboard will be collected on the same day as blue or green wheeled bins. Households are asked to leave the waste paper in white sacks as normal.

UK households produce over 30million tonnes of waste a year, of which around 40 per cent is recycled, compared to 70 per cent in other European countries.

Recycling conserves raw materials and protects natural habitats, reduces the need for mining, quarrying and logging, and refining and processing raw materials, all of which create substantial air and water pollution.

Households have two or three wheeled bins: burgundy for non-recyclable waste, blue for recyclable waste and green for uncooked food and garden waste.

Households can check whether their waste paper and cardboard will be collected on a "blue week" or "green week" by entering their post code or street name in to the bin and paper collection day search.

Anyone needing a white sack for the collection of waste paper and cardboard is asked to phone Ribble Valley Borough Council on 01200 425111.

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